Australians being scammed of many on matchmaking applications and social media networks

Relationship frauds on the rise

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Fraudsters is focusing on naive Australians interested in fancy – utilizing the current data exposing more than $28 million is shed to love scams in 2019.

The Australian Consumer and competitors Commission states internet dating and relationship cons accounted for one-fifth of all of the losses reported with the scam watchdog last twelve months.

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Australians reported practically 4,000 matchmaking and romance scams in 2019, with losses in excess of $28.6 million.

Around three in every single eight reports resulted in a loss of revenue, with about a lot more than $19,000.

Troubling trend

While fraudsters took advantage of the usual networks – such as myspace also internet dating sites – a troubling new trend surfaced.

Programs like Google Hangouts or games such statement with buddies and Scrabble were utilized to con their unique sufferers.

Scammers participating in programs in which customers aren’t positively desire appreciation is unpleasant, ACCC Deputy couch Delia Rickard states. Read more