Juliaaˆ”Iaˆ™m just guessing here, but since I have the same problem I thought i might react lol.

We that that the only thing which going on here is that with boys youaˆ™re NOT interested in, you might be exuding another type of particular energyaˆ¦. Probably one that’s care-free, liberated to getting your self, maybe not needy, not clingy, easy-going, etc, because youaˆ™re never thinking about this business.

With the guys you are looking at, perhaps youaˆ™re acting some in different ways. Also subtly? Perhaps perhaps youaˆ™re considerably stressed around them, trying difficult impress them, donaˆ™t wanna upset, covering your GENUINE self rather than enabling the organic glow sparkle, you might be really worried/invested in if they will-call you straight back for a second day, and perhaps that feeling try seeping using your skin pores plus they are feeling itaˆ¦even if perhaps subconsciously.

Idkaˆ¦this is my personal GUESS. We struggle with this also given that it DOES feel people was playing a cruel laugh lol! Nonetheless it was this present year that I began to think about how exactly I work around guys that are interested in myself (that We have ZERO interest in whatsoever), as well as how I react around dudes whom Iaˆ™m crushing on genuine hard, therefore ended up being that I realized: aˆ?BINGO. aˆ? The people Iaˆ™m NOT thinking about are becoming a new form of me personally compared to the people that I AM into!

Very, perhaps take a moment to imagine profoundly how you act/or find around men youaˆ™re contemplating vs. men youraˆ™re never thinking about, and discover if you change only a little bitaˆ¦. Carrying out a little digging and soul searching might reveal to you the answer.

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