Fact check: Religious organizations gotten COVID-related debts but United States Postal Service did as well

The U.S. Postal Service is actually dealing with record requirements due to COVID-19 while the coming election. Does it have the resources to go up to the affair? American TODAY

The declare: places of worship got $7.7 billion in healing money and USPS got not one

Just like the United States Postal services maintains its devote the governmental spotlight, some supporters on social media include declaring it absolutely was treated unfairly in disbursement of disaster COVID-19 loans – or a so-called lack thereof.

“Are your OK with places of worship obtaining 7.7 billion dollars of healing cash and zero for the USPS?” a widespread Aug. 15 fb article reads.

A couple of days after, liberal fb page “The Additional 98%” shared the exact same blog post, amplifying it to the readers in excess of 6 million fb fans and supporters. The page’s post is provided 28,000 era.

Commenters on both content decried the state as a punch into the face to a long-held U.S. appropriate principle, the separation of church and condition.

“I do believe in separation of church and county!” one commenter typed. “Still can’t find church part of the structure but located the Postal services.”

“exactly why would tax-exempt places of worship obtain tax revenue. ” another wrote.

In response to USA TODAY’s request for comment, “The more 98percent” spokesperson level Provost mentioned he thought “the US market will need to have a clear and simple understanding of the sum total COVID therapy provided to any spiritual groups.”

The initial poster would not respond to United States Of America TODAY’s request feedback and clarification.

USPS was actually allocated a COVID-19 cure loan in basic stimulation bundle

The U.S. Postal Service became eligible for a ten dollars billion mortgage from the U.S. Treasury via the CARES operate, which had been passed in March. A number of stipulations put in place by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin triggered that money are withheld from USPS before the end of July, whenever it together with Treasury attained a contract in theory to create that help accessible. Read more