Reality check: Religious organizations got COVID-related debts but United States Postal Service did too

The U.S. Postal provider is actually dealing with record requirements caused by COVID-19 additionally the upcoming election. Is there the resources to increase toward celebration? American TODAY

The declare: places of worship obtained $7.7 billion in healing money and USPS obtained not one

Just like the U . S . Postal Service keeps its place in the political spotlight, some followers on social media marketing include saying it actually was handled unfairly in the disbursement of emergency COVID-19 debts – or an alleged absence thereof.

“Are you okay with places of worship receiving 7.7 billion cash of recuperation revenue and zero for the USPS?” a widespread Aug. 15 Facebook post reads.

A couple of days after, liberal fb web page “The more 98%” discussed exactly the same post, amplifying they to the audience of greater than 6 million fb enthusiasts and supporters. The page’s blog post was actually discussed 28,000 occasions.

Commenters on both blogs decried the claim as a punch during the face to a long-held U.S. legal principle, the split of church and state.

“i really believe in separation of church and state!” one commenter penned. Read more