May I Shell Out My Personal Government Student Loan With a charge card? Laws say no, thus an intermediary provider may be the sole option

Courtney Keating / Getty Images

Loan providers maintaining federal student education loans cannot take charge card money as a result of the U.S. office of the Treasury legislation. ? ? but you can nonetheless generate costs on your account with credit cards by using an intermediary or if you become late on your own payments.

Perhaps the bigger concern to ask is when you will want to do this, as opposed to inquiring if you’re able to. Which makes costs with credit cards holds some advantages along with it, considerable threats come with those deals as well.


Enterprises like Plastiq need charge card money being create checks to lenders in your stead. Plastiq helps make money by billing a 2.85% charge per transaction, since 2020. ? ? this specific service or others want it are helpful if writing yours check is certainly not an option for whatever reason.

Including, you may not need a bank checking account or you may not have adequate money in your profile to pay for a check. In this manner, you continue to are able to use credit score rating to pay a creditor that does not accept bank cards.


The value of their credit card’s incentives plan must go beyond 2.85% of full amount of your instalments for there become good results if you use a mediator definitely recharging an exchange cost that highest. Read more